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Friday, August 20, 2010

Updates & Feedback

...so, a friend of a friend had a head to toe rash from heat, working with pets at an animal shelter (SARA), and various other reasons. I gave my friend a large jar full of the salt soak I made with chamomile and lavender flowers and she reported that all of the rash went away with the exception of a small area on his back. That's wonderful! I will definitely be making more herbal salt soaks.

I've also been receiving great feedback from my calendula lip balm sticks. I wear this balm each day - I love the way it feels - not greasy or heavy - just soft nurtured lips...ahhh.

Still getting great reviews on my Orange Blossom lotion - this is such a wonderful lotion that feeds the skin and keeps it healthy. I've heard this lotion helping people with really dry, irritated and even sun damaged skin. I love the way my hands look after just a few uses - the skin looks smoother and more vibrant.

I'm loving the Raspberry Calendula under eye cream I made about a month ago. I've noted the skin under my eye area looking brighter and smoother. I'm definitely making more of this lotion in the next few days.

I'm surprised both men and women are loving my patchouli sugar scrub - it's a wonderful scrub with almond oil and essential oils for mature or blemished skin. I have both of these so I use daily! I'm getting requests for this one and I have to say - I wasn't expecting that. It's a great surprise.

I spoke with herbdad today and he told me a sample I had given my aunt in April was really well received by a friend of hers who is inquiring about how to get some more. I love this! I love being able to feed our skin with plants I've either grown or purchased from reputable vendors. If it's organic, I buy it. I buy the best I can buy - extra virgin olive oil, high quality aloe vera, organic plants...you get the picture - only the best for our skin. If we can't eat it, why put it on our skin? Our skin is the largest organ we have and it does "digest" what we apply on it. Anyway - I'm off - much to do in the herbworld....be back with more good news and latest products in a few days....ciao for now!

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