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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Today in the Herbal Garden and Hill Country

Since my last post, the earth continues to come alive! It's so nice to walk outside and see GREEN rather than drabby browns.
The Texas Persimmon has started to produce leaf buds so there are specks of green on the tips of the trees. The Agarita shrubs had buds last post and now those rosey buds are opening up to display yellow tiny flowers. This is the time to pick some for a tasty treat!

The Mullein also continues to take shape! The first picture in this post is what the bee balm (Monarda)looks like right about now...lovely baby bee balm coming up makes me smile.

This past weekend I planted echinacea, garlic, heirloom tomatoes, sage, bell peppers, jalapenos, dill, yarrow and cintronella plants in raised garden beds. . Seen here is a 4'x8' raised bed with a 3'x3' raised trainagular bed in the background. The traingular bed has a china rose growing in it with catnip growing at the base. The china rose, in time, will follow the perimeter of the garden and should be quite showy when in bloom.

In the greenhouse, I potted up more heirloom tomatoes and continue to tend to thyme, wood betony, st. john's wort, evening primrose, self heal, lavender, myer lemon, lime, hibiscus, mints, loquats, and pinapple guava.

One of our big projects is to build a 5'x32' raised garden bed made of limestone rocks stacked 16" to plant the two figs, pinapple guava, and loquats in. This bed will line the interior back portion of the 32x40 garden we created two years ago. As you can see by the photo, this is a big job!! Although, we just started rolling up our sleeves on this particular bed, we keep the end result in mind to continue our motivation to complete this project.
Currently, we have two 4'x8' raised beds, one 4'x10' bed, and two 3'x3' triangular beds in the front corners of the garden. This Spring we will add another 4'x10 bed and finish the 5'x32' bed. When it's all said and done the garden will boast two 4'x10' beds, four 4'x8' beds, two 3'x3' triangular beds, the 5'x32' bed and a water fountain in the middle of it all. I simply cannot wait! As always, I will share my gardening and herbal adventures with you on this blog. I look forward to seeing the plants take hold and exploring this spring and summer with you!

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