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Sunday, April 3, 2011

This Week in the Texas Hill Country Garden: Verbena!

Verbena, or Glandularia, is a beautiful Texas native perennial. Each spring, the dark green leaves emerge while most Texas wildflowers lay sleeping and dormant. As spring continues, just around mid March and early April the dark green foliage almost disappears as the incredible eye popping bluish lavender flowers take center stage.
Many insects begin their Spring journey on and around these plants. As I stood among this stand of Verbena, it didn't take me long to see several species of butterflies and bees. I also noted many ladybugs. This was a delight since these insects are my all time favorites and heroes in the garden.

Verbena is a perennial and has a long term position in the Texas landscapes. Foliage emerges in February and blooms March - Fall. It hibernates over the winter and returns year after year. It is excellent in rock gardens and fields. I'm allowing a couple to grown in my raised vegetable beds for visual and insect appeal.
To some, Verbena is a weed - a wild thing that grows without a care in your lawn and garden. To me, it's heaven. Seeing one of these natives make my garden their home is an honor. I love looking outside at the beautiful field of flowers.

Enjoy these pictures - but, better yet...head outdoors and take note of the natives growing in your area. I'm off to garden - I have many seeds to sow today. Oh! I'm also happy to say I'm completing an order today for my handmade herbal lotions and serums. Cheers!

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