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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Winter Blues? Seasonal Fruits and Herbs to the Rescue!

Many of us feel better and are more productive when there are dapples of sunlight in our day. In winter; however, we aren't always kindly warmed by the sun's rays...so what should we do to shake away winter blues and blahs?

...Imagine walking down a grove of orange trees....smelling the ripening fruit and the aroma of blossoms covered with honey bees....Ahhhh! Naturally, one would inhale deeply as the soul is fed by the wonderful sweet smells of citrus and blossoms. It wouldn't be long before the aromas therapeutically lifted our spirits. A bit of aromatherapy - mother earth style!

Today, I started linking the chilly blue & gray skies with seasonal produce and evergreen herbs. I started thinking about their connection to our moods and our needs during the winter months.
Citrus is in season...Meyer lemons are ripe for the picking, oranges, limes, grapefruits are in abundance at the grocery stores and the evergreen herbs I have growing in the garden include rosemary, oregano, yarrow, and rose. You may have even more growing in your garden, too! This got me thinking that this is no coincidence. It's earth mother's way of nurturing and supporting us when we need her most.

When you are feeling blah, tear into an orange or a grapefruit with your hands, allowing the oils to infuse the air.
Then, inhale deeply! Eat the fruit for its vitamin packed benefits and save the peels...they can dry naturally on your counter then you can grind them later and add them into vinegar to make a lovely face tonic, hair rinse, and household cleaner. I like to add them to sugar scrubs, too!

Next, head outdoors! Find some rosemary - pick off a bit and either crush it or rub it between your hands. Then, inhale deeply! Your spirit and mind will be invigorated and uplifted.
Gather a bit and cook with it, infuse in tea and sip on it while reading your favorite book...or hill country blog ;) You can use rosemary's leaves and twigs when making infusions. Rosemary is an anti-spasmodic, anti-depressive, and an antiseptic. It stimulates the spirit and eases tension - lovely!

Oregano is a wonderful immune supporter. I use a lot when I cook and make sure to add a lot of garlic, too. Keeping your body healthy and your spirits lifted will help you ward off winter blues and the common cold.

Yarrow also has antiseptic properties. It's also a diaphoretic, so it's an herbal remedy for helping us when we have fevers. A tea can be made by infusing the dried leaves into heated water and can be sipped throughout the day.

And Rose....right now, roses have beautiful rose hips that birds enjoy throughout the winter months. Rose hips are full of vitamin C - a wonderful addition to your immune support regime. Rose hip tea is a nice way to enjoy this winter fruit.

So… coincidence? What do you think?

When I went outside to take pictures for this blog, I also met some other medicinal plants that I wanted to share with you...
Wormwood (also known as desert sage is ceremonially used as a smudging agent, much like sage, to cleanse and purify sacred spaces)
strawberry growing with red clover,

& plantain


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