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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Skin Loving Fall Herbs: Pumpkin Seed Oil Sugar Scrub!

 Happy Fall!! What an amazing time of year ~ It has to be my most favorite with the weather cooling and the leaves falling....ahhh.....

Since I've returned from northern Arizona and the Medicine of the People Conference, I've found the garden swollen with ripening tomatoes, peppers, pumpkins, passion flower fruit, figs, rose hips and so much more!

The fall weather has inspired me to make a special Pumpkin Harvest Sugar Scrub with omega rich pumpkin seed oil, skin smoothing and plumping cinnamon, skin tightening and lightening nutmeg, and organic sugars and citrus.  I've been using this fantastic scrub daily and love the intoxicating smell ~ like pumpkin pie in a jar.  Life is good with this botanical blend. 

Cinnamon powder can enhance skin care blends to add anti-inflammatory properties as well as help calm down acne prone skin.  It also has a plumping action by stimulating and drawing blood and oxygen to the skin, essentially reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

Nutmeg is also a skin hero.  Like cinnamon, nutmeg can be added to milk or honey for a simple anti-inflammatory skin care mask.  I've introduced nutmeg to my facial and body sugar scrub not only for its anti-inflammatory benefits but for its astringent and antibacterial benefits, which helps heal acne scars.  Nutmeg also adds a grounding element to the fragrance of the scrub.  Combined with cinnamon, pumpkin seed oil and a hint of clove - this scrub is fall in a jar. 

Pumpkin seed oil is a skin's best friend seeing that it is rich in omega fatty acids, zinc and vitamins A, C, & E.  When applied topically, it helps regulate the production of skin sebum. So, if you produce to much - it will help your skin produce less and if you produce too little (as in dry skin) it will help moisturize and encourage your skin to produce more. Also, like our friends cinnamon and nutmeg, pumpkin seed oil is also an anti-inflammatory, which helps heal troubled skin! I think we are seeing a trend here!

So, for a simple facial for troubled skin or for skin needing rejuvenation after a long summer you can simply use a few ingredients right out of your pantry to help excite your skin this fall season.  Try one part honey to half part cinnamon (or half part nutmeg) and apply to face for a great skin plumping and healing experience. 

You can also substitute honey for actual pumpkin scraped out of a fresh pumpkin (or canned).  That is wonderful! No fresh pumkin pulp? No problem! Try one part milk with half part cinnamon (or one half nutmeg)...that works beautifully, too. 

Pumpkin seed oil can be enjoyed internally and externally for super beauty benefits.  Try drizzling on salads or applying directly on face a few times per week.  It's a wonderful addition to your fall beauty regime. 

Or, you can celebrate fall with a handmade facial scrub - like the one I made!  Here's a picture of the lovely scrub I've been over indulging in these days.  Smells delightful - it is confusing as it smells edible and delicious.  Your skin will crave and rave after each application :)


How have you been celebrating our new fall season? I'd love to hear from you!
Until next time, wishing you health and happiness - HCH

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