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Friday, April 26, 2013

Mid Spring in the Texas Hill Country

Happy Spring to all! It's been an amazing spring here in the Texas Hill Country with about three freezes since mid March! Our poor tomatoes, jalapenos and basil are stunted -left not knowing what to do.  As they sprouted new leaves...a frost came along and zapped them! Not just once, but three times...the last one just this past week! Poor herblings. 

However,  all is not lost (or stunted), here are some herbs and plants that were not fazed one bit by the ongoing frosts ~Onion, strawberries, yarrow, bee balm, self heal, mullein, apple mint, oregano, thyme, echinacea, parsley, dill, chives, carrots, calendula, poppies, hollyhock, roses, burdock, vervain, wormwood, sage, betony, mexican hat, artichoke, swiss chard, plantain, lettuce, and other hearty herbs such as rosemary. 
 It's very enjoyable after a long day at work to come home and find bright red ripe strawberries to pick! Half go to us and the other half must go to our freckled nose son...Mr. Briar! It's a treat he patiently waits for each spring day. 

 This year, the poppies jumped over a bed.  So...here I am looking in one bed...just to find them making a home in one bed over.  Who knew they were so transient? All the same, I adore them.  They are so glorious in their pink - red hues.  Amazing. 

 The sage is blooming - so beautiful.  I planted sage as a low hedge this past year.  Now, the low hedge is all filled in and blooming.  The native deer do no not prefer or like sage...so this makes it the best hedge ever! Deer resistant and purple blooms around the home.  Win win. 
 Poppies are so intense as they build their petals.  Starting off as a tight clam shaped buds...they expand as they form their petals within....later busting at the seams full of petal delight! I simply love poppies. 

 Black watchman hollyhock is beginning to set its stalk of buds.  Later this spring and early summer...this stalk will be filled with black hollyhock blooms.  Stunning. 
 Our Texas native poppy.  Flouncy petals yet prickly stalks and leaves.  Like many of us Texans ;) lol!

 Our native thistle....
 Poppy going to seed...
 Carrots from last winter going into flower....so beautiful
 Chives full of blossoms....honey bees simply love them...buzzing all about!
 It's going to rain, I think...love Spring rains!
 Poppy making petals....working so hard...in a day or two it will explode with double coral poppy petals!
California Poppy has been thriving all winter and still blooming today

 Mullein is beginning to erect itself...I'm going to miss the giant rosette of velvety soft leaves.  Mullein is erecting and soon there will be a stalk that will offer gorgeous little yellow blossoms.
Our little greenhouse at dusk...time to head in and settle in for bed.  Until next time, HCH.

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Nancy said...

Beautiful photos. Thank you for sharing. Texas would be way too hot for me but I do enjoy seeing the lovely flowers,especially those beautiful poppies.