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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Working in the Herbal Kitchen

Today, I've been working in the 'herbal kitchen' making lotions for the body and toners for the face. My lotion line grew a little today. I've been giving samples away and thankfully have been hearing beneficial feedback, specifically how soft and moisturized their skin looks and feels after using just a little. The lotion I made last week turned out to be a big hit. I've named this lotion "Orange Blossom" because the smell is sweet and clean. I've heard its been used on the face, body, hands and feet with great results.

Today, I made one with cocoa butter, Shea butter, and royal honey. I also made the original Cleavers lotion (Healing Hands) and doubled the recipe to see if I would have consistency between the first batch and the third batch. I'm pleased and grateful the doubled recipe came out perfect, just like the first batch. So doubling the recipe worked! Big step for me so now I can make several 8 oz. bottles of lotion at a time.

Pictured are some of the kitchen tools used to make the lotions. I have my eye on an industrial blender that will make me look back at these tools and giggle. But, for now - they are working just fine. In the windowsill, I have grape leaves, raspberry leaves, mullein leaves (Verbascum thapsus), evening primrose (Oenothera biennis) , and calendula (Calendula officinales) infusing in oils for future product making.

Better go...just had my husband come in and say he knocked the propane tank over with his mower. How did he do that?! Anyway, there's always something going on around here....ciao for now :)

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