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Monday, July 19, 2010

Cooking Healthy Dinners at Home

Cooking simple and nutritious dinners at home can be fun, especially when you incorporate herbs! This simple dish is full of nutritive goodness and it's so easy to make.

When selecting salmon, it's best to purchase "wild caught" salmon, rather than farm raised. Many times, farm raised salmon has been artificially colored to give it the pink/reddish color many of us desire in salmon. However, wild caught salmon hasn't been artificially manipulated. Salmon is a great way to incorporate EFA's (essential fatty acids). The benefits of salmon help reduce inflammation and help maintain proper immune and circulatory systems when eaten twice a week. Salmon is also a good source of omega 3 oils as well as protein, niacin, riboflavin, B6, B12 & selenium. It does have cholesterol so you may want to look into this some more if this is an area of concern for you.

I love to bake my salmon over a thin layer of extra virgin olive oil. I chop organic lemons (peel and all) and place in the oil to cook along with the salmon. I always use parsley when baking salmon, along with salt, pepper and thyme. The lemons become soft and scrumptious and when you get ready to serve the salmon - simply spoon the baked lemons drenched in olive oil over the top of the salmon for a wonderful taste explosion. Lemons are also a great source of Vitamin C and can aid digestion as well as boost our immune system. When using the whole lemon, I only use organic lemons. I'm just not comfortable eating the peel of a non organic lemon.

Parsley contains a substance that may prevent the multiplication of tumor cells. It is said to help relieve gas, stimulate the digestive system, freshen breath and promotes bladder, kidney, liver, lung, and stomach function. It also contains high amounts of vitamin C.

I love to have fun in the kitchen, whether it's making lotions or making a simple dinner. Serving sweet potatoes sauteed with onion and fresh spring greens adds interest and flavor...and we all know the benefits of drinking red wine with our evening meals. I know it's what keeps me going!

...and for dessert...who needs refined sugar and refined flours? Not me! Get some more vitamins with your dessert by serving simple slices of juicy pears with fresh raspberries in a small pool of unrefined organic honey. This nectar of the earth hits the spot at the end of any meal.

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