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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Orange Blossom: The daily lotion

...Thought I'd update you on my hand, today. The lotion feels good when putting it on and does feel like a comfy blanket for my big swollen hand - but let's get serious - wasp stings are vicious and this lovely lotion isn't a remedy for the toxic venom inserted by the stinger of a hornet/wasp.

Even though it felt good after I put it on yesterday...and the swelling went down a little, my hand is still very swollen. Wasp stings are serious, that's for sure. My hand looks like a catcher's mitt :( Later in the night the swelling increased so even though it helped temporarily, it was no match for this sting.

The Orange Blossom lotion I created is a lovely daily lotion that feeds the skin what it needs to have a healthy glow. This lotion features olive oil, calendula, cleavers, and aloe vera. Olive oil is the second most absorbent oil and this lotion may feel "oily" but it's actually absorbing into your dermal layers. It's a humectant so it will continue to draw moisture to your skin keeping it moisturized long after you've put it on. The smell is fresh and clean - and the smell comes from orange blossoms that have been distilled and their fragrance has been captured in the steam (hydrosol). I also use sweet orange, lavender and chamomile essential oil to add to the yumminess of this lotion.

I'm currently giving out this sample so if interested please email me and let me know. I have about a dozen samples I'm getting ready to ship to my herbaunt so she can give out to her co-workers and friends.

(Oranges and orange blossoms photo by Ellen Levy Finch)

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