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Monday, September 6, 2010

Wasp Sting & Orange Blossom lotion

Yesterday, I was stung by a wasp between my pinkie and ring finger. I was sitting outside visiting with my neighbor and noted a few wasps darting about. For the most part I was vigilant about their whereabouts, but as I rested the top of my hand on my lap I got zapped. Ouch!!! I panicked since I already have a tendency to overly puff up to ant and mosquito bites. I tend to be hyperactive in terms of creating histamine. So, I was wondering how I would react to sting of a wasp - a first for me. Things fared okay - no increase in heart rate or temperature....so I'm very pleased my body is strong when it comes to wasp stings. Whew!!

Today, I woke up to it throbbing, aching, and itching. I can't see my last two knuckles and I found it hard to open and close my hand all the way. I decided to read and refresh myself on which herbs work well with inflammation and itching.

Popular anti-inflammatory, soothing, and itch relieving herbs include: plantain, aloe, chamomile, cleavers, lavender, yarrow. As I read this, I thought to myself Orange Blossom has all but two of these herbs. Then I remembered my Uncle Herb reporting this past Spring that when he was stung by an asp, Orange Blossom helped sooth his inflammation and helped relieve some of the itching...hmmm...I decided to try it.

I am quite surprised. When I applied the lotion it felt cool and soothing. After about 10 minutes I noticed I was closing my hand and opening my hand more than I was able to. I started to see my ring finger knuckle, too! The itching subsided - I am amazed. Even as I type I can tell I'm able to use my pinkie finger more than I was able to before putting on the lotion. It's still quite swollen, but it's not as uncomfortable as it was.

Orange Blossom has aloe, chamomile, cleavers, lavender, calendula and other goodies. I guess for my Uncle Herb and I - this lotion is handy for ouchy itchy stings.


Amy said...

Ok, so I just sent you a message. I could not recall what to use this for. I suspect I will put away the Caldryl and try this - the orange blossom that is.

Hill Country Herbalist said...

My suggested use for orange blossom would be to use as a daily body lotion. It just happens to help sooth the skin, but it's designed for daily body care. Have you tried it? Try it on your legs and give it a try!

Hill Country Herbalist said...

Also, I should note - even though it felt good after I put it on yesterday...the hand is still very swollen. Wasp stings are serious, that's for sure. My hand looks like a catcher's mit :(

Orange Blossom is a lovely daily lotion that feeds the skin what it needs to have a healthy glow. Olive oil is the second most absorbant oil and this lotion may feel "oily" but it's actually going into your dermal layers. It's a humectant so it will continue to draw moisture to your skin keeping it moisturized long after you've put it on. The smell is fresh and clean - and the smell comes from orange blossoms that have been distilled and their fragrance has been captured in the steam (hydrosol). I also use sweet orange essential oil to add to the yumminess of this lotion.