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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Decorating With Herbs From the Garden

I had fun making this bouquet. My inspiration for creating this bouquet is my beautiful grandmother, who celebrates her birthday tomorrow.

As I harvested tomatoes, peppers, and Meyer lemons, I suddenly thought of creating a bouquet capturing the bounty of a fall garden in celebration of her birthday. With so many herbs in bloom - the excitement overtook me and before you knew it, I was running back into the house in search of a vase!
In the Hill Country Garden, roses tend to be larger in the fall than in the spring - I think a big part has to do with less pests and insects buzzing about (which are notorious here in the spring. These particular blooms are very cabbage like and they simply smell divine....sweet and clean! Pictured here: Belinda's Dream and Souvenir de la Malmaison.

Zinnia’s do very well here in the Texas Hill Country, as they are native to southern regions of the US and Mexico. They love the heat - thrive on it, actually. Give them plenty of water and they are happy. Although they are not part of the edible garden...their eye popping color and 4 inch blooms offer a feast for the eyes. Topping off the arrangement: Meyer lemon stems and leaves, Thai basil blossoms, arugula blossoms (my favorite in the bouquet...the little yellow flowers dance with whimsy!), and salvia. All of these plants excel in the garden as they help bring in the 3 B's of pollination: butterflies, birds and bees!

Gardening and the joy of plants is a big part of who my grandmother is... who my family is...and who I am. The joy of plants and gardening is in our bones...the thread that brings us together. What a wondrous gift she's passed on to her children...and in turn her grandchildren.

Happy Birthday Grandma!
To many many more!

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