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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Seeds and Herbs for Fall

Ahhhh....October 1st! Actually, It's rather hard to believe after such a harsh summer here in Texas. We skipped spring and went right into 100 degree weather before summer officially started. But now, as the breeze is stronger and cooler and the leaves on the trees are trickling down; I am motivated to sow seeds and plant herbs for fall gardening.

This is the time to sow bee balm, calendula, spring wildflowers, and poppy seeds! I have a bag full of seeds to sow this evening. I love sprinkling mother earth with seeds - I find it whimsical and fun.

I planted broccoli, cabbage, cilantro, parsley, arugula and a variety of lettuce before the trip to Rootstalk in Salem, Oregon last weekend. I’m happy to report the plants are strong and doing well. The roses in the garden are budding and I'm looking forward to heavy blooms in later this month.

I'm getting my Rootstalk (a celebration of plants, people, and planet) blog ready this weekend. What a wondrous festival where we met lovely people and beautiful plants. Oregon is a beautifully conscientious state. I'm so thankful and well rested after experiencing cooler temperatures and riveting discussions at the festival. Something this Texas girl desperately needed!

Just a quick hello for now - more to come....
In the meantime, check out my facebook page (Hill Country Herbalist) as I will be uploading more pictures from Rootstalk!

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