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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Squash and Ants in the Garden

....just a quick little entry this evening....
The garden is magnificent this time of year! Heirloom tomatoes abound and the the scarlet runner beans are taking hold on the tripod support system we created.  Birds are loving the new fountain - we enjoy seeing hummingbirds, painted buntings and cardinals every evening.  However, I have such trouble this summer with ants on my squash and pumpkins (sigh).  On the sad side, I am battling ants and doing that chemical free is challenging.  On the plus side, it has opened my world to baby squash! Basically, harvesting immature squash and 'making lemonade'. 

You can harvest squash in any stage of its life. They are  soft, cute and decadent when they are young and every bit as delicious as their mature versions.  Tonight, I am sauteing immature patty pan squash and butternut squash with onions and shiitake mushrooms.  I'm seasoning with thyme, salt and pepper. (Adding a little white wine while cooking is also very fun and adds a lovely dimension to cooking~)

So, although this entry is short - the message is sweet! Cooking with baby squash is delicious and adds beauty and whimsy to your dinner plate.

I hope you are enjoying your lovely Sunday and if you are like me this Sunday evening... you  are planning the menu ahead as well as planning for a jam packed work week.   Rest well lovely garden friends :)

Until nextime, HCH.

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