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Friday, March 19, 2010

Bees Wax and First Day of Spring

Just got back from a wonderful day spent with a wonderful and gifted herbalist who teaches here in Central Texas. Today is the first day of Spring and as I happily walked to the mailbox reflecting on this exciting day I noticed how the crisp cool wind whirled about all the trees as if energizing them to transform into a glory of foliage and blooms. Opening the mailbox, I realized I received a package in the mail. As I tore into the package, I assumed it was a book I recently ordered. It was not the book. It was 2 gorgeous bricks of golden yellow bees wax!!

It is a wonderful feeling to see this bees wax as it reflects my first step towards transfering the knowleage I've collected over the years into special products for our skin. I cannot wait to begin shaving it and melting it and incorporating it in my healing and nutrative salves and lotions.

Happy Spring!

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