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Sunday, March 14, 2010


Suffering from skin blemishes I of course became quite curious about this little plant, also known as gooseberry. Cleavers is bright green with thin leaves that when touched seem to grab you and not let go. It is easy to spot in the hill country due to it's bright green color against the brown earth and leaves. Most other plants are still dormant, but cleavers appears juicy and vibrant as it grows.

Cleavers is considered a lymphatic cleanser and when ingested and/or applied to the skin can have wonderful results on tired looking winter skin. Many people relied on it as a blood cleanser and enjoyed drinking juice made from Cleavers during this time of year. I made a skin tonic that I applied twice a day after washing my face. It works by drawing moisture to the skin and leaves skin clean and fresh looking. I also drank an infusion of Cleavers each day and found my skin to be blemish free for the weeks I drank it. In fact, it's been about 3 weeks since I last drank a Cleavers infusion and my skin is still blemish free.

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