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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Calendula: making tincture and infused oil

Today, I made the beginnings of a calundula tincture and infused oil for future use in salves and other means for wellness. I started by grinding the dried flowers in a coffee grinder and for every cup of calendula I added 2 cups vodka for preservative. I have this sitting in a jar in a dark/cool location. I will keep it there for about 2 weeks rocking the jar each day.

For infused oil, I used one cup powdered calendula with extra virgin olive oil until it was all saturated and covered with the oil. I have this in a jar that is inside a brown paper bag in the greenhouse. I will keep the oil there for about two weeks, rocking the jar each day.

For tincure it's stored in dark cool location and for infusing oil it's stored in a warm location. Can't wait for the second week in April when I will strain the goodness and begin using in my products!

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