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Monday, April 19, 2010

Chocolate Mint and Evening Primrose

I harvested chocolate mint today from the garden. I made a mint tincture (1:2 parts vodka) and I am dehydrating the rest to make an oil infusion for future use in creams and lotions. I think it is very invigorating and stimulating and it is said to be a circulation promoter. I also think it will smell delicious in lotions.

Also harvested today: Evening Primrose (pictured). I'm dehydrating the stems, leaves and flowers. Evening Primrose (flower) is said to be very soothing and relaxing and may help with headaches. I have read it has been used for aiding in circulation, relieving PMS, and acne as well. I plan on using this in my lotions. It is a beautiful flower and especially appreciated when seen up close. The veining in the petals suggests it is great for blood flow and circulation.

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