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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Today In the Garden

What a wonderful way to spend the weekend! Watching the wildflowers grow and bloom. It truly is a beautiful and unique Spring here in the Hill Country. There are flowers that have appeared that I've never seen before. Just beautiful. Here a few pictures of some plants I'm growing: wildflowers, stand of Verbena (Vervain), Cleavers voluntarily growing under Belinda's Dream rose, and Lemon Balm. Last summer, when a mosquito would bite me, I would crush fresh lemon balm leaves in my hands and directly apply to the bite. The irritation and itching went away instantly and so did the swelling. Also growing and not yet pictured: pomegranate trees, fig trees, a stand of bee balm, oregano, thyme, heirloom tomatoes, grapes, and much more. Part of the fun of making medicinals or products from plants is growing them and harvesting them - it's so rewarding there are few words to describe!

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