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Monday, April 26, 2010

Raspberry Leaves

In one of the gardens I'm growing raspberries. They've practically taken over and if the leaves weren't so beneficial I might not be so tolerant. After harvesting some leaves, I dehydrated and ground them. Once grounded, the plant material is soft and spongy. It's very pillow like and took the shape of the container I measured it in. You can see how it kept the shape as I introduced it to the jar I placed it into. I filled this jar with EVOO where it will sit in my sunny window sill for the next two weeks.
Having dried raspberry leaves around the house is a good thing for making teas, as well. The tea is said to be beneficial for toning the uterus and for helping with problem skin. People have also given the tea to children who are suffering from diarrhea. It is said to also help sooth inflammation in the intestines. The leaves have great astringent properties making it an ideal ingredient in facial toners.

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