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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New Products with New Label

Introducing my new logo! ivita botanicals - vitamins for your skin. I've been busy in the herbal kitchen whipping up nutritive lotions, scrubs, facial elixirs, lip balms, salt soaks - all packed with vitamins and organic herbs that feed our skin what it needs to stay happy and healthy (not the bad stuff - synthetic preservatives, toxins and chemicals). With the philosophy of we should be as discriminating with what we apply on our skin as we are about what we ingest in our bodies - I've been careful to create a toxin-free line that our skin craves.

One of my newer products is an under eye elixir that helps with puffy weary eyes. Made with organic cucumber, aloe vera gel, and vitamins for the skin this lovely "rejuvenator" feels cool and soothing when applied to the delicate skin under our eyes. A little goes a long way, too. I've been using it happily for the last few days (I've also enjoyed applying it on skin beyond under the eye with great results!). This elixir works well when applied on freshly cleansed skin and followed with my Cell Rejuvenator lotion featuring jojoba oil, aloe vera, calendula and vitamins for the skin.

My lovely and talented herbsister in-law is a marketing genius. She and I met for lunch some time back and she designed my new logo! I just love it, don't you? Tell me what you think..... ;)


bjs said...

i love it! i really do! :)

tammy said...

I just love the "under eye intensive." It really soothes my dry, tired eyes and i love the raspberry leaves and calendula scent.I also love the orange blossom cream. There is not a yummier, creamier, lotion. how do i purchase some of your scrubs described in the blog. can't seem to find the right link.

Hill Country Herbalist said...

Tammy, you will receive the scrub tomorrow. So happy you like the lotions! Thank you for your feedback. Keep in touch by emailing me at hillcountryherbalist@gmail.com