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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Lotion Feedback

Well, the "experiment" went well - I'm pleased to say. The Cleavers lotion is very nutritive and healing for the hands - and any other parts of the body for that matter. Made with olive oil and Aloe Vera it's no wonder how well it heals. People are reporting back that it saves their most dry irritated hands. I noticed how well it is absorbed and that the skin still feels (and looks) nourished and soft after several hand washings ....making this a perfect lotion for people in the healing field or for people whose hands need healing. I'm really pleased with this little lotion. The smell is fresh and clean, the color is on the lightest side of lime, and the texture is creamy and luxurious. It's good enough to eat!


Jodie Anderson said...

Hi Ivy,
I am really enjoying reading your blogs.

Is this good for burns? Ray's arms are always getting burned from the pizza ovens.

Hill Country Herbalist said...

Thank you! I think we should try it. I have some of this lotion left. We can also try the salve. Plantain seems to be great for burns. I don't have any fresh Plantain growing anymore, though. Let's see what the Cleavers lotion does. I love that lotion.