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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Completed my Herb Classes!

Since January, I've been attending classes taught by Herbalist Nicole Telkes in Austin. Each weekend I've attended these classes in Austin, Blanco or other sites offering a variety of native and naturalized plants that have been studied and used in health and wellness. It's been a fantastic journey. On Sunday, we had our final class where we received our certificates and are now considered certified herbalists.

I presented my project I've been working on for the last six months - a product line that is toxin-free and nutritive for our bodies and skin. I am determined to develop a line that is readily absorbed by our dermal layers promoting skin wellness and vitality. This line will include under eye intesive creams, facial moisturizers and cleansers, body lotion and wash, and lip treatment intensives.

When I get tired or think I've taken on too much with work and herbs, I watch the "10 humans" study conducted by the Environmental Working Group. If you haven't already seen this presentation discussing findings from a research study involving 10 newborn babies in the US - please do!

You can find this by going to www.ewg.org and clicking on the "10 humans" study. While you're there, check out the site. It is a wealth of information. You can also check out their database "Skin Deep", where you can find your cosmetic products you use and see their ingredients and see how it measures up. You'll be surprised how toxic many of our favorite products we grew up using really are.

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