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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Rose Petal Honey

Roses are not just for smelling and admiring from afar. We can eat them, too! Eating roses from the grocery store is not advised since they have too many additives to keep them preserved; however, home grown, pesticide free, organic heirloom roses are very much edible. I once had a rose arrangement proudly displayed on the coffee table (freshly cut from the garden) just to find Basil eating them! That's him caught in the act last fall - he was such a stinker! A smart stinker, though! That cat was getting his share of vitamin C.

Rose petals can be tossed on salads for a unique twist, sprinkled over ice creams or confections, mixed with butter then molded, chilled and served for a delightful brunch, or mixed into jelly and jam recipes.

Here, I've made a rose petal honey. This special honey can be added to teas, pancakes, or anything else you can think of to offer a boost of vitamin C. Petals are best when the flowers first open. This honey will be a wonderful addition to the bee balm honey I made combating a cold/flu. These honeys are immune boosters and delicious to boot!

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