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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Juliette tomato

Take a look at all these tomatoes I harvested today! I knew my neighbors were out of town so I took full advantage of the dress I was wearing and used it to help me collect 60 tomatoes off the prolific plant! I'm thrilled - perfect for making a cheesy tomato pie, tomato sauce, or just about anything else you can think of.

Cooking the tomato brings out the most nutritional benefits...so I made cheesy tomato pies - one with parsley and one with basil (pictured). Delicious and satisfying since it came straight from the garden.

Lycopene, the cancer inhibiting element in tomatoes, is why the tomato is red. Cooking the tomato breaks down the cell walls releasing the good things we need in the tomato. Eating them with some fat, such as olive oil or avocados for example, can further help absorb lycopene.

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